Consultant or Team of Consultants at The Canadian High Commission

Job Title: Consultant or Team of Consultants

The Canadian High Commission is seeking a consultant or team of consultants to provide technical support and advice on gender and youth equality in access to financial services. The consultant will report to Global Affairs Canada in Tanzania.
The consultant will provide technical support and advice to our partner Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) on developing a strategy that addresses gender and youth equality in access to finance. The consultant will assess the extent to which the current FSDT portfolio is compliant with international best practices on gender and youth equality.
The assignment requires the following:
• Demonstrated competency and skills in gender and youth equality programming in developing countries.
• Sond experience in facilitating strategy work in financial inclusion, particularly related to gender and youth segments.
• Experience and knowledge in financial sector developments, in particular in Tanzania or East Africa.
• Proven experience combining formal expertise on gender and/or youth equality mainstreaming with experience applying these to financial inclusion strategies policies and business processes.
• Strong knowledge and experience in results-based management (RBM)
• Proven experience leading action learning processes, developing training tools, and delivering trqainins on retated to gender and/or youth equality.

The assignment also requires the ability to communicate ideas in manner conducive to their practical application work with teams to add value to collective results, and use Microsoft and other common computer software applications profidently.

Applicants must have at a minimum a bachelors degree form a recognized university and five years experience in gender and/or youth equality. Applicants must be fully fluent in written and oral English.

How to Apply
Interested candidates should contact the Canadian Cooperation Office by writing to to receive the request for proposals (RFP) package.

Completed proposals can be delivered or forwarded by regular post to:
Canadian Cooperation Office
45 Chimara Street, 
Palm Residency,
Block A, 
Unit 16D
P.O.BOX 80490

Deadline for the receipt of applications is April 18, 2016 at 16:00 hrs local time.
Applications sent by email or fax will not be accepted.
Source: Daily News 21st March, 2016

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