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The US Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Budget Analyst in the Budget & Fiscal Section.


Responsible for performing a full range of financial services such as budget formulation and execution, monitoring, analysis, accounting, and reporting thereof, in accordance with ICASS Service Standards, USG Appropriation Law, and Agency specific policies. Incumbent is responsible for all post-held accounts/allotments and also acts as a roving backup to the other Budget Analysts. Primarily, the incumbent is responsible for Program, Public Diplomacy, Consular, MCC, DAO, OBO, HOA, AFRICOM, Walter Reed, DOJ, POTUS, CODEL and other VIP visits.



Fully responsible for formulation of annual budgets for all post-held accounts and allotments. Incumbent uses appropriate software, cable instructions, and guidance from the current Mission Strategic Goals, Mission Resource Request, ICASS Handbook, Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), and the Foreign Affairs Handbook (FAH), in addition to any institutional/historical data. When preparing these budgets, incumbent communicates with Senior Post Management and functional officers, as applicable, to obtain information on their anticipated requests/needs/ priorities and any other special issues having an impact on financial resources. In addition, incumbent analyzes post/economic trends, researches allowances for eligible employees, and projects estimated out-year cost implications due to documented anticipated wage/price increases, anticipated/approved changes in Embassy operations (e.g. mission growth), and unfunded priorities.

Consults with the Supervisory Budget Analyst, the Financial Specialist, FMO, and other applicable senior management on any concerns during budget preparation. Finally, incumbent presents the final product, complete with suitable narrative justifications, for applicable agency management review and final comments before submission to Bureaus.
During the fiscal year, incumbent takes ownership of the budget execution process by closely monitoring actual costs, as well as unanticipated or emergency spending trends. On a monthly basis (or more frequently), prepares summary worksheets for all post-held allotments to keep agency management officials abreast of their financial situation. As part of an on-going analysis, incumbent makes timely recommendations for cost savings where possible. Moreover, when re-allocating or deviating from the original budget becomes necessary, the incumbent ensures that such changes are authorized by the affected agency’s regulations.


Using the Global Financial Services Center (GFS) accounting system (RFMS), incumbent maintains accounting for the all post-held allotments and accounts. The incumbent creates obligations, originating from ILMS Ariba (procurement system), E2 Solutions (travel system), or from continuous review and adjustments of other obligations based on input from GFS, Management sections, senior post management, or expenditure patterns for recurring requirements.

Incumbent ensures that each obligation is valid, accurate, complete, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and confirms that all applicable liquidations to these obligations remain legal and within the allotted amount. In so doing, the incumbents keeps in mind various laws, specifically the anti-deficiency law.
On daily basis, incumbent monitors post-held accounts in COAST, and on a weekly basis, reconciles the 60 and 62 reports. On a monthly/quarterly basis, reviews all prior year and current year open unliquidated obligations (ULOs) to ensure they are still valid and thereby take necessary action.
Researches accounting and voucher issues/queries for all post-held allotments and advises applicable agency management and FMO of the findings and takes timely corrective action as necessary.
Drafts all routine and FMO requested correspondence relating to various funding issues and also maintains files on appropriate advice of allotments, obligations, accounting regulations and guidance, and internal FMO policies and procedures. Ensures all applicable files are filed, controlled, and retired as in accordance with Department/other agency regulations.
Performs other duties as assigned by the Supervisory Budget Analyst, the Financial Specialist, or the FMO.

All applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item. Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.

Advanced diploma majoring in a business related subjects including accounting, finance, economic, or management is required. Additional technical education or formal training in accounting, budgeting or management is required. Completion of at least two parts of CPA is required.
Three to four years of progressively responsible experience in budget work, accounting or auditing is required.
Level IV (Fluent) in English and Kiswahili (speaking, writing and reading) is required. (This will be tested)

Skills and Abilities:
The position requires a self-starter and independently motivated employee, as the workload is unpredictable and varying. The position must:
Follow through on analytical work to minimize need for detail work by higher graded personnel is required.
Summarize information orally and in writing to present information and complex relationships quickly and precisely is required.
Exercise good level of interpersonal skills in order to facilitate exchange of information at the working level is required.
Comprehend and properly apply to the voucher examining process all applicable regulations are required.
Read, interpret and apply provisions of leases and contracts to a variety of working situations making determinations as to whether there is a USG obligation and that there is a legitimate basis of disbursement of government funds is required.
Be skilled in reading complex regulations and be able to relate them to issues at hand is required.
Possess typing and computer skills (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and Internet) is required. (This will be tested).

Job Knowledge:
Must have sound working knowledge of pertinent Department of State and other USG laws, procedures, and regulations, especially those relating to budgeting and funds control (including State allotment accounting) and applicable FAM regulations pertinent to contract performance is required.

Must be able to communicate budget information clearly and completely, both in writing and orally, to Agency Heads, Post Management, Bureau contacts in Washington and GFS, and colleagues within all Management sections at post.is required.
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