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Web & Mobile Software Developer

Bongo Live Enterprises is a Mobile Technology & Digital advertising company based in Dar es Salaam ( and works in the areas of SMS, web applications and mobile applications. Bongo Live was also recently named a Forbes Africa top 20 technology startup company. 

We are seeking a talented and well rounded software developer that has a strong understanding and relevant experience with web, mobile and database development technologies.  Candidates must be familiar with software development lifecycle,  experience with testing techniques and deploying code across multiple environments. 

Other requirements:
• Ability to work in a fast-paced team environment
• Read and understand API documents and learn quickly to implement
• Communicate well and document work
• Work independently and flexibly beyond job description
• Ability to develop quick prototypes
• Take ownership of projects
• Location - Dar es Salaam

Technical Requirements:
• Languages: Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, (Python is a plus)
• Database: MySQL
• Working knowledge of SMPP, Kannel is a plus 
• Comfortable working on Linux environment
• XML, SOAP & HTTP Web services.
• Knowledge of PHP frameworks (Code Igniter, CakePHP)
• Android development experience is a plus

Kindly Submit answers to the following questions with your application:

1. A client asks you to develop a complex web application for managing bus ticketing, scheduling and maintenance. The client has a fleet of 500 buses with 200 active users daily. 
a) What framework might you use to develop the application and why? 
b) What steps would you follow from start to end to complete the project?
c) What key or innovative features might you add to enhance the application?

2. A web application hosted on Amazon AWS is loading very slowly. What things would you analyze/suggest to speed up the loading time?

3. You are developing a Android mobile app for a client that requires you to push notifications to the app. What options do you have? How will you require to implement this.

Qualifying candidates shall be contacted.
References must be provided.

Technical Support & Customer Service Rep


Bongo Live Enterprises is a mobile technology & digital marketing company based in Dares Salaam ( Bongo Live's unique service provide businesses platforms to reach new customers and communicate with existing customers via mobile, email, web and social media.  Bongo Live was recently named a Forbes Africa top 20 technology startup company.

If you are seeking a company that is professional, fun, fast paced and provides a chance to learn skills beyond your role then you've found your match. 

We are seeking a candidate to handle technical support queries regarding our mobile and web software and liase with team members to resolve issues. . 

• Excellent written and oral fluency in English & Swahili
• Technical qualifications in computer science, computer engineering, telecoms or related field.
• Experience in software development (web and mobile) preferred.
• Experience in a customer relations, sales or customer support role (preferred)
• Ability to work independently and flexibly beyond job description
• Quick Learner and ability to think on your feet
• Ability to work in a fast-paced team environment and manage subordinates
• Technology savvy & comfortable with online services
• Patient, calm under pressure and highly organized
• Location - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

• Handle customer queries & requests
• Perform tests to replicate customer issue
• Provide timely customer support for any issues faced.
• Perform regular client follow ups
• Work with team members to ensure client issue is resolved 
• Keep detailed records of requests
• Communicate with customers via email
• Providing management with feedback

Only qualifying candidates will be contacted.

Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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