Tender No. C01/ 02/ 2016/17 Consultancy to Conduct Documentation of Success & Human Best Interest Stories Including the Photo Book for Arp Project in Kilindi


Dear Sir/Madam

Reference is made to the above subject.

We are requesting you/your firm/consortium to submit a proposal for consultancy to facilitate documentationof success stories & human interest stories as well as photo book for Alternative Rite of Passage (ARP) project in Kilindi-Tanga.
Instructions and Terms of Reference (TOR) are attached.
Bring your Proposal in a sealed envelope (Three hardcopies and CD) and mark on top “consultancy to conduct documentation of success & human best interest stories including the photo book for ARP project in kilindi” and drop it in our tender box at reception.
The deadline for submission is 8th.March 2016. 4:00pm.
Kindly inform the Secretary of Tender Committee if you have received the inquiry and if you will submit the quotation. Email address: Tender.SecretaryTZ@Amref.org
Yours truly,


The Procuring Entity is Amref Health Africa
The Method of Selection is Combined quality and cost method
The assignment is to be completed at most within 20 calendar days after signing of contract and being paid an advance payment.
 (If the Client envisages the need for continuity for downstream work it should outline in the Terms of Reference the scope, nature, and timing of future work and indicate here the manner in which this information would be considered in the evaluation.)
Materials, equipments and supplies used by the Consultant are not permitted if they have originated in those states under embargo by UN.
For clarification of proposals the Client ’s address is:
Address: P.O.BOX 2773 DAR ES SALAAM
Telephone: 2116610/2136731/2153104
Facsimile number: 255-22-2115823
The Proposal shall be written in the Englishlanguage.
Other documents required to be submitted with the Proposal are:
Physical address and Telephone number, Business licence, TIN Certificate and/ VAT, Registration Company (applicable for consultancy firms and not individual consultants)
The minimum required qualification and experience of professional staff are as follows:
The suitable candidate should have knowledge and experience in producing a documentary, development and production of communication materials and is expected to possess a degree in graphics, IT, Video shooting or related disciplines, and have a minimum of five years in similar assignments. The consultant(s) should have sound knowledge on RMNCH,GBV/VAC.over 5 years’ experience in program documentation, communication and results packaging of health related projects particularly RMNCH,GBV/VAC. Good understanding of national health sector policies, plans and systems.Trained/experience in writing success and human interest stories is desirable. Experience in supporting logistics for national and international meetings especially program close out meetings is advantage. Graphics and designing experience is added advantage.
NB. Remember to attach the CVs of all your staffs (for consultancy firms)
Training is not a specific component of this assignment
Additional information on the Technical Proposal includes;
Interested consultants must provide information on their credibility to perform the service by bringing their profile, description of similar assignments in the past three years, availability of appropriate skills among staff. S/He will also be required to provide names and addresses of his/her past and present clients, indicating date and status of the projects.
Consultants should share samples of work they had done earlier. These can be included in the CD.
The Reimbursable expenses shall be the following:
(1).    A per diem allowance in respect to Personnel of the Consultant for every day in which the Personnel shall be absent from the home office as per government rate.
(2).    Cost of locally procured items, office accommodations, camp facilities, camp services, equipment rentals, utilities and communication charges, all if and to the extent required for the purpose of the Services;
(3).    Cost of necessary travel, including transportation of the Personnel by the most appropriate means of transport and the most direct practicable route;
(4).    Cost of communications such as the use of telephone and facsimile required for the purpose of the Services;
(5).    Cost, rental and freight of any instruments or equipment required to be provided by the Consultant for the purposes of the Services;
(6).    Cost of printing and dispatching of the Reports to be produced for the Services;
The Procuring Entity will provide the following inputs and facilities: the logistics and project documents  (including different draft success stories) and be the link between the consultant and key partners as well as the communities
Proposals must remain valid for 90 days after the submission date.
 The proposal submission
3 hard copies with a soft copy in CD or Flash Sealed  ( DROP AT THE TENDER BOX IN RECEPTIONIST OFFICE.)
The Consultant must submit one original and two copies of the Proposal which will contain both technical and financial details, no need of separation between technical and financial proposal.
The Proposal submission address is: Amref Health Africa, P.O. Box 2773 Dar Es Salaam, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road Plot No. 1019
Proposals must be submitted no later than 8th.March. 2016 at 4:00 PM
Criteria, sub-criteria, and points system for the evaluation of Technical Proposals are:

Criteria, sub-criteria
Points (%)

(i)     Firm’s general experience, reputation and experience in previous similar assignments
        -General experience of the firm         (10)
        -Experience in similar assignment      (20)


(ii)   Understanding of the terms of reference, methodology and the overall quality of the proposal
    -Comments on terms of reference   (10)
    -Work plan and Methodology          (35)    


(iii) Qualification of key personnel
The number of points to be given under each evaluation sub criteria for qualifications of staff are;
        [General qualifications]              [15]


(iv)   Local Firm Participation

(v)    Participation by national experts
(a) Team Leader……………………………..  3 points
(b) Other Staffs……………………………..   2 points

Total Points :

The minimum Technical Score  required to pass is: 75 Points.
The formula for determining the financial scores is the following:
Sf = 100 x Fm / F, in which Sf is the financial score, Fm is the lowest price and F the price of the proposal under consideration.
The weights given to the Technical and Financial Proposals are:
T = 0.75 and
P = 0.25
The address for contract negotiations is: Amref Health Africa, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road-Upanga P.O. Box 2773 Dar Es Salaam
The assignment is expected to commence on 21.thMarch 2016.

Amref Health Africa formerly African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) is an international African nongovernmental organization founded in 1957 whose headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya. Amref Health Africa began as the Flying Doctors of East Africa to provide critical medical assistance to remote communities in East Africa. To date, Amref Health Africa works with the most vulnerable African communities through its country programmes in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, and its Southern and West Africa regional hubs. Through its laboratory, clinical outreach and training programmes, Amref Health Africa reaches an additional 30 plus countries in Africa.  With over half a century of experience in delivering health care and building health systems in Africa, Amref Health Africa supports those at the heart of the communities, particularly women and children, to bring about lasting health change in Africa.
Amref Health Africa has undergone tremendous transformation since its inception to date. It started as a medical services provision organization, using small plane to provide critical health care services to remote hospitals. It has since evolved into a leading health development organization, addressing health care challenges in a broader sense including social determinants of health. In 2014, Amref decided to undergo rejuvenation by rebranding its name and logo to not only a new but also a strategic nomenclature of focusing on health in its generic. Amref currently is not only providing basic health care services and conducting research but providing solution to health needs. These plus changes in funding dynamics exacerbated the rebranding of the organization.
Amref Health Africa has been active in Tanzania since 1957, and in 1987 a Country office was established in Dar es Salaam. Since then, Amref Health Africa Tanzania has been a major supporter of the government of Tanzania particularly the Ministry of Health. It has supported the development of national health policies/strategies and guidelines for equitable health service delivery. Amref set up the Department of Community Health, A malaria Centre and established an Environmental Health programme at the University of Dar es Salaam.

Currently, Amref Health Africa Tanzania has more than 20 active projects across different regions. Some of which have a national outlook for example the laboratory strengthening project which is  implemented in all the regions including Zanzibar, and the  nurse midwives upgrading programme through e-learning and mLearning .  In line with the Amref Health Africa’s ten year corporate  strategic plan that ends in 2017,  our projects are categorized into  four  main thematic areas namely: Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH); HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); and Medical Services Programme.
Communities are at the heart of Amref Health Africa’s approach to lasting health change in Africa. Amref Health Africa listens to, gains respect and becomes a part of the community by empowering its members to build on their resources and inherent strengths to take charge of their own health. Amref Health Africa helps communities connect and integrate with formal health systems and acts as a powerful catalyst for lasting health change from within.  Amref Health Africa’s programmes are guided by three health system strengthening building blocks: Human Resource for Health, Health Management Information System and Community Systems Strengthening.
Amref Health Africa wishes to document success and human interest stories as well as preparing photo book as a component of its wider end of project documentation process for ARPproject which aims at
 “Contributing to improvement of SRHR among the marginalized communities in Kilindi district-Tanga region”and is funded by the Government of Netherlands.
The focus and goals are on contributing to the abandonment of FGC, have girls who can freely discuss FGC in their communities, have cultural, religious and political leaders embracing ARP and denouncing FGC, contribute to the enrollment, retention and completion of elementary for girls in Kilindi district.
Project overview
The ARP project is a three year (July 2013-June 2016) project whose goal is to contribute to the abandonment of FGC in Kilindi by 2016.The project is funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery and a private foundation through Amref Health Africa in the Netherlands. The project is scaling up AMREF’s  community-led alternative rite of passage (ARP) model targeting girls aged 8 to 20 years and working to support  girls denounce FGC and undergo ARP in Tanzania. The project has three objectives: increased awareness on FGC; increased acceptance and support for ARP; and increased girl/boy enrolment, retention and transition in schools.
The Tanzanian government is currently implementing a strategy called ‘big results now’. The initiative with the core focuses on improving education outcomes in the country. With this strategy, teachers are required to make sure that students are enrolled, maintained and deliver better scores. It is hoped that with this strategy coupled with Amref initiatives against FGC more Maasai girls will be encouraged to stay in schools and thus reduce dropout rate. Few members from Kilindi pastoral community who had been privileged to acquire formal education have been keen in taking up this as an opportunity to sensitize on Maasai girl’s right to education. They have been able to work hand in hand with ARP project to push this agenda forward. However, the issue of forced early marriage is still a challenge in the district. Men would like to have their teenage daughters married in exchange of cows. In contrary, those girls who go to school become aware of their sexual rights and in most cases would refuse forced marriage. This is being considered by elders as indiscipline and elders set a meeting to discuss how they would deal with Maasai girl education as it is now seen as a threat to Maasai cultures. We hope with multiple interventions targeting men, women, boys and girls this will no longer be seen as threat but rather as an opportunity.
Geographic coverage
Eight wards in Kilindi District- Tanga Region, namely Mvungwe, Kibirashi, Kikunde, Pagwi, Tunguli, Mkindi, Saunyi and Kisangasa with a total of 38 villages.
Project aim
Contributing to improvement of SRHR marginalized communities
Project Objectives
1. Contribute to the abandonment of FGC in Kilindi district by 2016
2. Have girls who can freely discuss FGC in their communities by 2016
3. Have cultural, religious and political leadersembrancing ARP and denouncing FGC by 2016
4. Contribute to enrolment, retention and completion of elementary for girls in Kilindi by 2016
Target Population
Primary target population is Adolescent girls
Secondary target group include;Morans ( young men), cultural leaders, TBAs, religious leaders, teachers, health service providers, decision makers and planners at district level, CSOs and CBOs who will be reached with capacity building interventions and advocacy init
Project intervention
Amref Health Africa in collaboration with Kilindi District Authority implement a number of activities including:
1. Cultural exchange visits among Maasai communities of Kenya and Tanzania
2. Development of IEC materials
3. Training of girls on SRHR (including effects of FGC) and ARP
4. Formulation, training and supporting of Girls, morans, mothers, elders and TBA
5. Supporting formulation of East African Maa constitution
6. Conduct community mobilization on ARP
Expected outcomes:
1. Increased access to and quality of comprehensive SRHR services for young people, women and marginalized groups
2. Increased SRHR-related capacity of young people, women and marginalized groups to make safe and informed decisions on issues concerning relationships and sexuality, to deal with gender power relations and to seek quality, comprehensive SRH services and information.
3. Increased capacity of CSOs to independently manage quality SRHR education and SRHR services interventions.
4. Policy dialogue maintained or increased in favors of SRHR in partner countries and/or the region.
Scope of the Consultancy
The Consultant will work with Amref Health Africa Technical staff to document the success stories, human interest stories and photo book from the project area, including having a video documentary. The consultants will advice the team additional information or input required to improve the success stories. Working with the team the consultant will guide selection of best 10-15 success stories to be finalized and included in success/human interest stories book. The consultant will be responsible for actual writing and finalization of success story book as well as designing. In addition the consultant will support the team to come up with excellent photos which s/he will then use to compile picture and/or event book.
Specific objectives of the consultancy
  • Collect required information, design and develop a success/human interest story book with about 10-15 best stories from ARP.
  • Design and develop a picture book and video depicting key ARP activities and processes
Main task of the consultant.
  • To gather all success stories developed by ARPteam from inception to date
  • Consult respective ARPstaff, stakeholders and beneficiaries and produce a list of 10-15 best success stories to be further developed and refined
  • Use his/her expertise to re-write the success stories in high standard; obtain high quality photos or travel to selected field sites to obtain photos/videos and more information for enriching the stories
  • Design and Compile success story book as well as picture book/video and ensure inputs from Amref team before finalization

Scope of work
The consultant will work in collaboration with Amref Health Africa project implementation teams who will facilitate access to some or all of the following resources:
1.      Review project and other relevant documents including but not limited to:
    Project proposal &progress reports
    Evaluation reports
    Data quality assessment reports
    Best practices book
2.      Design/Develop an appropriate interview questions and methodology for documentation including development of creative briefs.
3.      To ensure that the documentation respond to project documents, objectives, indicators and expected results
4.      Coordinate  information collection in the field, processing, editing(graphics, design & formating), and packaging
5.      Prepare and submit to Amref Health Africa a soft copy of the success story book,video and picture book in English
Preferred approach/methodology
Amref Health Africa intends to foster collaborative documentation for the sake of skills transfer and ownership of the raw information collected for further analysis when need arises and final products. This will make easier implementation of provided recommendations and publishing the project. The proposals should therefore state clearly the need to have a collaborative team involving Amref Health Africa staff in all stages.The consultant should show a clear methodology that she or he finds to be most useful to undertake the assignment. The consultant is expected to apply the most appropriate interview questions/methods to conduct documentaryfor project impact from the start to the current time. Furthermore, the consultant is expected to apply participatory approaches that facilitate skills transfer to Amref Health Africa.
Main Users or stakeholder of the study
The principle users of this documentary are the donors who would like to know the impact of their contribution by looking at how the project targets have been evidenced through success stories and picture/event book. Project implementers and their partner & stakeholders. Government entities such as the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW)and PresidentOffice Regional and Local government (PORALG).
Role of Amref Health Africa and collaborators
Amref Health Africa will provide the logistics and project documents and be the link between the consultant and key partners/CSOs as well as the communities.
Deliverables and schedule
(i)          Success story book with 10-15 best stories
(ii)        Picture/event book with selected best events which depict ARPactivities and successes
(iii)      Video recording of the key project beneficiaries
The assignment is expected to take a maximum of 20 working days
Submission of CVs and Quotation
Submit your CV, price quotation and examples of recent consultancy in similar area as described above to Tender.SecretaryTZ@Amref.org
Reporting requirements and Remuneration
  1. Amref Health Africa Tanzania office will facilitate and manage most of administrative arrangements for the exercise;
  2. Consultant will be reporting to the Project Manager and/or to the Program Manager at Amref Health Africa office;
  3. The consultant will provide a draft of project work within first 10 days
  4. Final reports must be submitted by day 20 of the assignment
Specific format report
Consultant will propose format of the three documents

Evaluation and award of consultancy

Amref Health Africa will evaluate the quotations and award the assignment based on technical and financial feasibility. Amref Health Africa reserves the right to accept or reject in part or the whole proposal received without giving reasons and is not bound to accept the lowest or the highest bidder. 
NOTE: Intellectual property right
The product of this assignment is Amref Health Africa property. Under no circumstances will consultant use the information of this documentation for publication or dissemination without official permission (in writing) from Amref Health Africa. 


Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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