Project Manager - Production at Catholic Relief Services

Job Title: Project Manager - Production
Project: Soya ni Pesa (SnP)
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Reports To: SnP Project Director
Major Responsibilities:
CRS is seeking for a Project Manager- Production to provide technical leadership in enhancing improved techniques and technologies in soybean production.
Specific Job Responsibilities
1. Ensure CRS and Implementing Partner staff receive the necessary training, guidance and technical support to implement, monitor and report the project
2. Identify technical needs and gaps in soya production and facilitate that needs and gaps are met through internal or external expertise support provided to the project
3. Identify technical needs and gaps in soya production in relation to market demand (volume and quality of production); design and facilitate the implementation strategies to help smallholder farmers fill in these gaps to successfully meet market demand
4. Provide technical leadership in the establishment and demonstration of best soya agronomic practices
5. Provide technical leadership in Research activities
6. Ensure farmers acquire the necessary inputs (seeds, inoculants, fertilizer, etc…) in a timely manner
7. Facilitate the establishment of a sustainable soybean seed system
8. Provide technical leadership in post-harvest activities
9. Facilitate access to storage facilities and provide training on effective storage of soybean
Program Management:
1. In collaboration with the Project Director, ensure adequate resources (financial, material, and human) are allocated for soybean production
2. Ensure proper utilization of agency and project resources (financial, material and human)
3. Ensure timely implementation and achievement of project objectives
4. Ensure project team and management receive timely update about the progress and challenges of the project
Technical assistance:
1. Support and strengthen capacity of CRS and local implementing partner staff through provision of the necessary tools and guidelines and direct technical assistance
2. Foster strong relationship with HQ/EARO technical advisors to provide adequate technical support to CRS and partner staff
3. In collaboration with MEAL staff implement appropriate monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning system
4. Foster strong relationship with national and international research institutions and line ministries in accessing improved technologies and technical assistance
Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervise Project Officer(s)
Key Working Relationships:
Internal: Project Staff, Administrative and Finance Staff, CRS East Africa and Headquarters Technical Advisors.
External: Implementing Partners, Ministry of Agriculture (national and local), Research Institutions, Agricultural Input Providers (seed, fertilizer, veterinary services…) and other stakeholders.
Qualifications and Skills:
 Masters or higher degree in Agronomy or other related fields.
 Minimum 7 years of experience in the field of agronomy and related interventions
 Experience in soya production or research
 Wide knowledge and experience implementing participatory learning methods for helping smallholder farmers improve their production and productivity (famer field schools, farmer research groups).
 Demonstrated personal accountability and drive to serve others.
 Understanding of and experience with faith-based organizations, local church structures, and accompaniment and capacity-building principles in local partnerships desired.
Physical Requirements/Environment: Based in Dar es Salaam with more than 75% travel time.
The application Submission Deadline: 26th February 2016
If you are interested and meet the minimum requirements, please submit your application and CV to the below address;
Senior Human Resources Officer
P.O. Box 34701
Catholic Relief Services
Dar es Salaam.
Email address:
Please note, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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