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Background: about Doctors with Africa CUAMM
Doctors with Africa (CUAMM), is an international non-profit health organization, headquartered in Italy. Founded in 1950, CUAMM focuses on designing health system strengthening projects, with particular attention to the needs of women and children, and tailored to the specific needs of the countries where the organization carries out projects. Through its evidence based approach, CUAMM works to remove the barriers preventing communities from accessing health services, and to improve the quality of the same services, to achieve accessible, quality and equitable healthcare for everyone. 

JOB TITLE:  Logistics & Procurement officer

The Logistics & Procurement Officer is responsible for coordinating the logistics and procurement of goods and services in support of project activities. The Logistics & Procurement officer answers to the Project Accountant, and ensure synergy and coordination with other CUAMM offices in Tanzania (offices and project areas), ensures efficient and effective management of technical resources needed for realising the project. 
“The Next Generation Programme – Integrated Promotion of Nutrition, Growth & Development in Tanzania”.
1st Supervisor: Project Accountant
2nd Supervisor: Project Manager
3rd Supervisor: Country Administrator
The Logistics & Procurement officer answers directly to the Project Accountant, to ensure proper management of funds and compliance to CUAMM’s procurement/administrative policies and procedures. For day-to-day project activities, he/she will coordinate directly with the Project Manager.
For administrative issues he/she will refer firstly to the chief accountant based in CUAMM Iringa Sub-Office and, secondly, to CUAMM Country Administrator. He/she will refer to CUAMM Iringa Office for any kind of administrative and contract management issues (Admin Dept).
Expected outputs/deliverables:
ER 1: The NGO’s equipment and vehicles are regularly functioning;
ER 2: Goods and services are procured on time for the smooth implementation of the project.
- Ensure the technical and operative management of NGO and project assets and demesne (purchasing procedures, labelling, periodical physical inventory, maintenance and repairs, transfer of assets to other CUAMM offices or to areas of intervention, sending to the scrap yard and alienation of obsolete assets, etc.);
- Manage and control the inventory management system;
- Correct management and maintenance of transport vehicles;
- Correct management and maintenance of the power generator;
- Correct functioning of office equipment (printers, photocopy machine, electronic devices etc);
- Manage operatively the insurance coverage of transport vehicles and the payment of taxes and duties in collaboration with the logistic officer in Dar es Salaam Head Office;
- Ensure the management of fire alarm and prevention systems in the NGO’s real estate units;
- Supervise the performance of the Guards provided by the Security Company;
- Collaborate with the project accountant in the performance of administrative accounts normalcy such as fiscal formalities, authorisations, etc. relative to the NGO assets of its property;
- Ensure the management of the stores and of the goods/equipment.

- Ensure the management of the telecommunication systems (telephone landlines, satellite systems, internet lines and systems, radio stations, etc.).

- Manage the maintenance of expatriate staff housing (if applicable);
- Ensure the correct management/maintenance of assets rented of borrowed by the NGO (equipment, furniture and furnishings, transport vehicles, specific installations, etc.);
- Assist the Project Accountant in the performance of administrative-accounts normalcy such as contracts, fiscal formalities, authorisations, etc. relative to assets rented or borrowed from third parties.

- Arrange the movement of staff to and from Project Office, and coordinate movements to and from project areas as well as other CUAMM offices;
- Arrange the movements of project’s staff, equipment, materials linked to project activities;
- Coordinate with CUAMM Head Office in Dar es Salaam to make travel arrangements for CUAMM Visitors in the Country (drafting a budget travel, booking accommodations, renting vehicles, etc.).

Manage, in support of Project Manager/Accountant, the operations/transactions for the purchasing of goods and services, in relation to the following:
- Project purchases and the correct application of purchasing procedures; 
- Relations with suppliers and updating of purchases into database;
- Supervise, in support of the Project Accountant and Project Managers, the construction works and installation of specific systems;
- Supports the procurement of medical and nutrition equipment, coordinating with the government structure and Medical Stores Department;
- If needed, is capable to provide capacity building and technical assistance to regional/district authorities to ensure a constant, stable and fully functioning procurement system and supply chain.

Education qualification of technical and/or administrative type;
Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, in particular Outlook, Word and Excel (other IT skills are considered as added value);
Significant work experience in the logistics of the non-profit sector in developing countries;
Excellent capacity of adaptation and flexibility, as well as confidence, strategic thinking, efficiency and initiative;
Capacity to work in a team and in a multi-cultural environment;
Capacity to work by objectives;
Capacity to maintain good relations with external institutions (local counterparts, public and private institutions);
Excellent English verbal and written communication skills, strong analytical and interpersonal skills;
Capacity to deliver assigned tasks in a timely fashion;
Deep knowledge of Songea Region territory.
English, written and spoken; 
10 moths contract renewable.
Applications must include:
Up-to-date CV;
Covering letter addressing how the candidate’s experience relates to the specific duties of the position applied for;
Names and contact information of (at least) three professional references (including current Direct Supervisor).
The application should be addressed to Project Manager.
The position will remain open until 1st March 2016.
All applications received after the deadline of 22th February 2016 will not be accepted.
Method of Application
All applications should be submitted by email. Interested candidates that meet the qualifications indicated per each vacancy should apply, indicating the post and station they are applying for in the subject line. 
Please include: up-to-date CV; (at least) three contactable professional references; a covering letter. Applications not including all these information will not be considered; applications submitted after the deadline will also not be considered.
The application must be sent at: n.mwakyalabwe@cuamm.org;
Applications received through any other means will not be taken into consideration;
DO NOT attach copies of certificates/diplomas;
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Deadline for submission of applications is 22th February 2016.


Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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