English Language Teacher/Trainer at Heritage English Medium Schools

Job Title: English Language Teacher/Trainer
Reports to: Head of School, P.O.BOX 11791, DAR ES SALAAM, Email: Heritageschools2004@gmail.com

Major Responsibilities and Duties

• Co-ordinate and deliver best practice instructional strategies in line with School expectations.
• Incorporate common core practice, content and fluency standards.
• Teach/train proper and meaningful conversations, communication skills, standard pronunciation and proper English accent to both students and staff.
• Implement a balance approach to daily lesson planning that promotes critical thinking problem solving and deep conceptual understanding of concepts and ability to act skillfully.
• Organize and co-ordinate all activities related to English Language teaching and training at school.


• The applicants must be Bachelors degree major in English Language or above from a recognized University.
• Must be very well conversant with American and British English.
• Must have an experience in English Pronunciation for at least 3 years supported by the certificates of attendance and commendation or teaching English Language in A Level.

Salary and Benefits
• Competitive salary package will be provided.
• Full accommodation
• Two years contract.

Organization Details
P.O.BOX 11791

TEL: +255 754260707 / 0719 225 962

Contact Person: Managing Director
All applications should be directed to the Managing Director through School Email Address before 6th February, 2016
Source: Daily News 1st February, 2016

Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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