Cameraman at E-Motion Productions


Company Information:

E-Motion Productions is a media production, public relations and marketing consultancy firm in Dar-Es-Salaam, looking to hire a cameraman for in studio and on location shoots.

Job Description:

Responsible for operating Nikon DSLR cameras to capture moments, people and places through video and photographs for various projects.

Minimum 3 years of experience.

   Operate DSLR Nikon 750D camera for shooting assignments.
   Operate camera to shoot video and also to take pictures.
   Ensure proper lighting is achieved.
   Fully experienced with setting up LED, soft boxes, umbrellas and flashlights, depending on location and requirement of shoot.
   Travel to different locations depending on assignments.
   Take posed and candid shots.
   Set up scenes and film sequences of events.
   Assist as cameraman for documentaries, independent films.
   Film television programs, commercials and music videos from a studio or on location.
   Clean and manage technical aspects and upkeep of camera.
   Full knowledge of and proficiency with DSLR camera settings.
   Minimum 3 years of experience with DSLR cameras for shooting video and taking photos.
   Make equipment lists for shoots and fill out camera report sheets.
   Move cameras and other equipment around as needed.
   Take promotional pictures.
   Direct participants in shots.
   Edit shots if required.
   Remove red eye, resize, and crop pictures as needed.
   Use variety of different lenses, adjust lens and secure different lens sizes depending on shot.
   Select and install screens and filters in camera to produce desired effects.
   Knowledge of Final Cut Pro and Photoshop soft wares for editing of video and photos.

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