Business Coordinator & Marketing at Sengi Consulting

Job Descriptions for position: Business Coordinator & Marketing: 

1. Contacting suppliers on availability of items that are out of stock, new stock, and
changes in pricing of items, then providing the information to the stock keeper
2. Ensuring that all the required business documentations and licences including but
not limited to facilitation of auditing, taxation and other relevant procedures have
been followed
3. Ensuring all the board and office meetings are conducted as per schedules, keeping
minutes of the agreed issues, and follow up on execution of the main agendas
4. Administering the office including but not limited to payment of bills, purchases and
maintenance of office equipment and general office supervision
5. Preparing monthly budgets and reports on the business progress and adherence to
the action plans
6. To ensure that all the orders placed have been processed including assuring that
items have successfully been delivered to the stores on time, and update order
status in the system instantly
7. To advise the board on innovative methods to improve the business such as
marketing, model of operations and service delivery

What to Attach: 
1. Explain why you are the most suitable person for this post in maximum of 250 words
2. Your CV

Unlimited, entirely based on productivity and efficiency of the company depending
on sells
Provided with salary: Airtime, Internet bundle, Lunch & Transport
Send applications to:
Deadline: 12th Feb, 2016
Only the shortlisted will contacted


Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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