6 Recommended Foods to Improve your IQ

1. Whole Grains: Example, wheat, rice, oats etc
Functions: Whole grains foods provide starches, Improve mood, Provide significant amount of 
B – Group vitamins also whole grains foods are essential for the proper metabolism of the nervous system

2. Legumes : Example, beans, soybeans chick peas 
Functions: Legumes provide high levels of protein and vitamins to your body. 

3. Fruit, raw greens and vegetables: Example, oranges, mangoes, cabbages, carrots and others.
Functions: They contain high content in Vitamin; they strengthen the immune system, Prevent Hypertension which is normally associated with stress. 

4. Nuts: Example, groundnuts,  cashew nuts,  coconuts and others
Functions: Nuts are rich in B- group Vitamins, zinc and magnesium. Also they involved in the nervous system metabolism 

5. Seed Oils: Example, Oil extracted from sun flower, grape seeds and others.
Functions: They are very reach in linoleic acid; also they help in maintenance of the body’s cells. 

6. Beverages: Examples: Water, natural fruit juices, natural vegetables juices and others.
Functions:  They provide Vitamin B6 and C, Mineral salts; they reduce vulnerability to stress and anxiety.

  Just use these foods to improve your IQ. These foods are also helpful in preventing you from stress and anxiety. 


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