24 Volunteer Jobs at VSO - Zanzibar

International Citizen Service Program- Zanzibar
Come volunteer with us! 24 positions available

Empowerment, social welfare, youth, women and Children on two exciting projects aimed at improving the lives of young people in Zanzibar. VSO are recruiting Youth who are willing to volunteer for 12 weeks to work with farmers and young people looking for work on career development, soft skills training and community events. The Program supports community development in the United Republic of Tanzania whilst giving young people a unique opportunity to live and work together as volunteers.

The Volunteers will stay with host families. Food and other daily expenses will be covered.

Successful applicants must be:
·   Tanzanian, 18-25 and have a minimum college level    education from a recognized institution.
·   Able to work well in a team & communicate well in     English or Swahili
·   Experienced in volunteering in community
·   Available for training in 3 weeks before the program    start date and commit to a 12 week full-time program away from home.

Deadline: 17:00, 26th February 2016
Interview Dates: 7th -11th March 2016
Due to anticipated interests in these posts, only short listed candidates will receive a response
For application forms, please visit zoomtanzania.com,twitter.com/vsotanzania

Return your form by email to the project officer, Nyaindi at nyaindi.nyaindi@vsoint.org, or post to the ICS Program Manager, VSO Tanzania, P.O Box 6297, Dar Es Salaam, or call +255 (0) 22260072/87 Ext 111 or +255 786 754 221
The ICS program is committed to a policy of equal opportunity, we work to ensure that people are not unjustifiably      discriminated against on the basis of disability, ethnicity, gender, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation or other                          irrelevant grounds. People living with disabilities and women are encouraged to apply. 

Name (First Name and Family Name)

Telephone number (number that you can easily be reached)

Email address (you must open an account if you do not have one)

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)
(Very important)
(Should Not more than 25 Years)


Where are you from? (Region/District)

Where do you live? (Region/District)

What's your Blood Group

Which secondary school did you attend?

What are you currently doing?

What is your highest level of education?

Any Health Conditions, e.g. allergies, dietary etc. (No one will be discriminated because of their health conditions)
Please describe

Have you ever been involved in proceedings against you in either a civil or criminal court?
If YES, please give details.

Are you able to live away from home for 12 weeks from18th, April 2016 to 8th July 2016?

Are you available for interview during the 2nd Week of March 2016 (7th - 11th March)?

Are you available for pre-program Training Course on 31st March-1st April2016?

Please include any work or voluntary experience you have had, starting with the most recent first. You can continue onto another page if you need to.

Job title and organization
From and to (dd/mm/yy)
Role and responsibilities (please describe)

What skills will you be able to contribute to your voluntary work in the community?

Why are you interested in applying for this volunteer position?
 (Maximum 300 words).

As part of the selection process ICS would like to speak to two referees, who are able to provide character references for you. Referees will be contacted after the interview stage. Referees can be teachers, employers, volunteer supervisors, local government representatives etc. RefereesCANNOT be members of your family or friends. Your next of kin should be someone close to you, including family members
Referee 1
Name (First Name and Family Name)



Relationship to you

Phone number

Referee 2
Name (First Name and Family Name)  on



Relationship to you

Phone number

Next of Kin (preferably family member)
Name (First Name and Family Name)

Relationship to you

Town where they live

Postal Address

Phone number

Your declaration
I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information given on this form is correct.



Please do not send any additional certificates or documentation.


Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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