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A "not-for-profit" NGO Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has a residency program in Family Medicine and is
set to commence similar programs in the clinical and diagnostic specialties beginning with General Surgery and
Internal Medicine in 2016. The hospital is also undergoing major expansion to position itself as an advanced
tertiary and academic medical centre. This NGO has a rich established history of sustained contribution to the
development of health care in Tanzania supporting both the private and public sector. AHP is recruiting
qualified clinicians with relevant academic and clinical experience to fill these posts.
Summary of Posts :
Head of Department
To provide clinical and academic leadership in the department through the development and implementation of
an integrated clinical service and academic plan. This is aligned with the vision of the institution to develop
tertiary care, extend its services to outreach and Primary Medical Centres and establish a learning environment
with a view to foster education and research.
Programme Director
The academic plan for the department of Internal Medicine is to commence a residency training program in
2016 at the NGO Hospital in Dar es Salaam. To achieve this goal, the academic coordinator will take the lead in
promoting a learning environment within the department and ensure that trainees achieve the learning
objectives and competencies expected of them.
Head of Anaesthesiology
To be a role model academic medical specialist and provide leadership in the department to develop and
implement an integrated clinical service and academic plan which is aligned to the institutional goals of
providing high quality tertiary care and outreach services and establishing a learning environment that will
foster education and research.
Key specialist positions :
1. Infectious Disease
2. Medical Oncologist
3. Neurologist
4. Neurosurgeon (urgent)
5. Pulmonologist
6. Gastroenterologist
7. Orthopaedic surgeon
8. Intensivist
9. ENT specialists (2) (urgent)
10. Nephrologist (urgent)
To provide clinical and academic support in the department in consultation with Head of Department.
Individuals are required to have a Masters in their speciality or its equivalent and 5-7 years of clinical and
teaching experience. Individuals are supported on a full salary for the first year and encouraged to develop a
client base and benefit from the proceeds thereof in excess of the base salary.
For more information or to apply please contact :
Tracey Hudson
Africa Health Placements



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