Employment Opportunities at I&M Bank Tanzania 2016

Network Administrator

Officer ICT – Network administrator is an individual that is responsible for the maintenance of
Network hardware and software systems that make up a computer network including the planning,
designing, Securing and monitoring of active data network and network infrastructure and related
network equipment.


•Install and support LANs, WANs, network segments, Internet, and intranet systems.
•Install and maintain network hardware and software.
•Analyze and isolate issues.
•Monitor networks to ensure security and availability to specific users.
•Evaluate and modify Network system’s performance.
•Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security.
•Ensure network connectivity throughout the Bank LAN/WAN infrastructure is on par with
technical considerations.
•Design and deploy networks, perform network address assignment and assign routing
protocols and routing table configuration.
•Monitor, Maintain Support of the following Critical Network Services;
o VPN gateways to ATM switch, BOT and to other service providers.
o Branch Connectivity, ATM Connectivity & SWIFT connectivity
o Intrusion Detection Systems and Firewall.

Customer Service Officer 

To provide support in front office operations and act as a point of reference for the bank’s customers in order to ensure excellent customer service and care in accordance with the Bank’s Procedures and Policies while maintaining strict confidentiality of customer affairs.
Ensure all inward and outward cheques are processed within the BOT rules and regulations and bank’s procedures, policies and controls.
Customer care
• Prompt handling and response to customer queries and complaints within the prescribed timelines including escalation of customer related matters where appropriate.
• Ensure that there is sufficient bank stationary for use by customers and that it is properly displayed and arranged at all times.
• Ensure prompt and effective response to customer telephone calls.
• Up sell and cross sell banks products to potential and existing customers who visit the Branch.
• Ensure confidential handling of customer transactions, interactions and correspondence.
• Ensure strict adherence to the tenets of KYC.
Operational Efficiency
• Undertake data entry on collection of charges for statements issued over-the-counter and approved reversals;
• Receive local cheques and ensure completeness and check that they are properly drawn and are not stale or post-dated;
• Receiving and posting in-house cheques
• Receiving and stamping all inward and outward cheques
• Ensure all cheque details are correct before processing payment of inward cheques e.g signatures.
• Tallying balance with tellers at the end of the day
• File cheque book requisition appropriately.
• Ensure account opening and identification documentation comply with the banks policies and procedures, BOT regulations and other legal requirements.
• Verify and confirm account opening forms are properly filled and follow-up to ensure all supporting/required documentation is received.
• Follow-up on outstanding account opening documentation with clients within agreed timelines.
• Ensure all identification documents i.e Identity Cards/Passports provided by clients for account opening are certified with the originals; share feedback received with the Branch Manager
• Ensure all foreign currency deals are processed on the date of the deal and with an appropriate value date and communicate to treasury department(TT&TISS)
• Ensure that all relevant registers are maintained in line with the Bank’s Procedures and Policies Manual. ( i.e incoming letters/guests etc)
• Ensure prompt and accurate filling and archiving of all documents.

Profitability and growth/ cost minimization:
• Process transactions in accordance with policies and procedures for the bank, BOT and other regulatory bodies.
• Forward cheques and advice where cheques are not properly drawn to ensure charges are duly collected

Audit, Control, Security
• Ensure bank procedures, controls and policies are strictly adhered to.
• Respond to audit queries (external & internal) and implement audit recommendations.

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