Rukwa Region through PEPFAR funding is among the beneficiaries of Walter Reed HIV Project in the Southern Highlands with centre for excellence stationed at Mbeya Region.
As from the first contractual agreement in year 2004/2005, Walter Reed HIV & AIDS Project operated from Mbeya to cover three regions with high prevalence regions in Tanzania. Rukwa is one of them and has to ensure that project deliverables and other requirements are met within specified time, quality and quantitatively as measured on pre-set project targets of the project implementation period. The RMO Rukwa on the other hand, still requiring providing health care services in response to HIV&AIDS by seeking qualified candidates.

Job Title: Clinician (1 position)
Report to: Regional Medical Officer/Regional AIDS Control Coordinator
Location: Mazwi CTC in Sumbawanga MuniEipal Council

Role Definition
The purpose of this position is to provide the overall leadership, service organizations and clinical support to CTC as well as RCH at Mazwi Health Centre. The HIV Clinician will be responsible for the quality of clinical services delivered and effectively work with the team to provide routine services while adhering to the national guidelines for HIV management. She/he will support the hospital In-charge in the development of annual work plans and budgets based on the country' strategies and operation plans. HIV Clinician will be physically located at Mazwi CTC.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Organize HIV related clinical services at CTC and RCH.
• Ensure HIV Quality Improvement Team meets and deliberate on the most important issues identified at the site level.
• Represent hospital In-charge to the Technical forums addressing HIV AIDS as called by the partners, CHMT and RHMT.
• Collaborate with Hospital In-charge to continuously identify service delivery gaps and communicate with relevant authorities to address them. This may include hospital management team, CHMT, Rukwa RMO or HJFMRI.
• Ensure service delivery data are captured well on the source document-s as well on CTC 2 Database.
• Collaborate with intra-facility focal from various service areas such as Pharmacy, Laboratory, Social services and Administration to ensure proper HIV services are delivered at the CTC and RCH.
• Work with CTC Nurse, RCH In-charges and HBC focal to monitor the activities carried out by the Expert Clients and Mother to Mother Mentors.
• Coordinate facility based multi-displinary team meetings; invite the approved participants, ensures the meeting proceedings are documented and actions agreed are followed up.
• Responsible for generating quality HIV related CTC and PMTCT reports. (Monthly, Quarterly, SAPR and APR)
• Ensure identification of patients suspicious of failing first line ART and work with the CTC team to develop individualized treatment plan.
• Ensure constant availability and use of all HIV service delivery guidelines, protocols and SOPs.
• Develop a plan for Chart reviews to identify gaps and areas of service delivery improvements.
• Provide clinical care to pre-ART and ART eligible patients including clinical assessments, ordering investigations, use the results for proper treatment.
• Collaborate effectively with facility In charge District Pharmacist, MSD and Supply Logistics Chain Management System to ensure un interrupted availability of HIV /AIDS commodities including Testing Kits at Mazwi Health center
• Other duties assigned by Higher Management

• Advanced Diploma or Degree in Doctor of Medicine from a recognized institution and-must be registered with the relevant professional body in Tanzania.
• 3 years' experience providing HIVIAIDS clinical care in Tanzania
• Fluency in English and Kiswahili
• Basic Competency with Computer Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access)
Key personal competences
• Independent, yet still a team player
• Strong communication skills
• Proven ability for data-driven decision making
• Self- motivated and able to demonstrate high initiative

Job Title: Data Clerks (5 positions)
Reports to: District Medical Officer
Location: Rukwa

Role Definition
As a data clerks you will update, maintain and retrieve information held on computer systems. Also you will transfer information that is on paper base to computer files system. She/he in this position must be able to work independently, be experienced in data record using databases CTC2 OB, and preferably be comfortable working in health facilities.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• To ensure data entry (CTC2 DB), run NACP reports and cross-check with data sources to make sure that data are accurate
• To ensure file system and arrangement on cabinet in order to simply availability of files
• As required, visit other health facility to help data enter
• To work with M&E or data-related duties as arise
• To perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor to ensure achievement of project goals.
• Argue to learn indicators and their updates as required.
• To collaborate with CTC clinical staff and ensure the completeness of data collected and filled on the CTCs cards and registers.
• To ensure each patient file contains the TB screening tool and that this if filled in by the clinician during each visit;
• To run the CTC2 database built-in checks for data cleaning;
• To check patient files on the completeness of the CTC2 card and TB screening form before the patient depart using WRP checklist;
• To assure timely entry of patient files, within one day after reception of the file from the clinician.

• Diploma/Certificate in Information Technology,
• Data Management, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Epidemiology/Statistics or a related field. The university degree or advanced diploma is added advantages,
• At least 2+ years working with data record, data analysis and statistical packages such as SPSS, SAS, STATA, or Epi- info.
• Ability with computer applications, such as MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.
• Advanced communication skills
• Ability to work in a second mile (extra time) and RMO teams as well as independently.
• Fluency in oral and written English and Kiswahili.
• Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively interact with all levels of staff and sub award recipients.
• Be cooperative, hardworking, flexible & accountable.

Job Title: Accountant (1 Position)
Reports to: Regional Medical Officer (RMO)
Location: Rukwa

Role Definition
This position is responsible for managing all aspects of accounting and finance management of the HIV program as the Partners level. She/he is responsible for ensuring that the HJFMRI programs comply with all applicable Tanzania Government/P~PFAR financial and accounting policies and procedures, laws and regulations, proper accounting standards and reporting requirements.
She/he will ensure that all financial management practices, reports and documentation are well organized and conform to policies and the highest standard.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Ensures that appropriate financial and administrative standards, procedures, systems for internal control, compliance, accounting data processing and financial reporting function in accordance with Tanzania
• Government accounting procedures, HJFMRI/HJF and donor requirements; . .
• Plan and oversee financial operations in accordance with Tanzania Government accounting and HJFMRI policies and procedures, including systems for cash flow management, budgeting, consolidation of accounting information, internal controls, financial reporting, financial record keeping, procurement and service;
• Ensure that reconciliation from program staff advances made. Receive and review reconciliation related to the HIV program activities.
• Plan and monitor cash flow requirements to ensure smooth implementation of HIV program; submits monthly/quarterly, semiannual, annual financial reports and milestone invoice to HJFMRI.
• Maintain program payment vouchers, financial records and reports; and provide monthly standard accounting submissions to the HJFMRI, including general ledger files, account reconciliations, expenditures by cost center, as well as other financial information in a timely and accurate manner;
• Ensure that all financial documents are accurately supported, approved and coded;
• Participating in development of annual fiscal year budgets;
• Perform internal review as required to ensure compliance with Tanzania Government financial and procurement policies and procedures including PEPFAR requirements;
• Manage banking, accounts and balances effectively and efficiently, including undertaking monthly bank reconciliations and cash flow management in a timely manner;
• Support management of HIV program funding; and
• Ensure acknowledgment of receipts and financial reporting is accurate, professional and timely.
• Stay abreast of Government accounting procedures (GAAP) donor policies, procedures, rules and regulations; compile and updates applicable local policies: '
• Ensure proper functioning of financial system, including quick book thorough posting, reconciliation, documentation, filing/archiving and reporting; ,
• Monitor monthly financial performance in relation to budgets and forecasts, obligated funds, commitments and advances;
• Ensure that all financial transactions (including grant disbursement) and data are correctly implemented according to policies and procedures.
• Oversee and enforces policies and procedures related to staff advances;
• Responsible for the discovery, mitigation and documentation of financial risks. Responsible for the completion of yearly risk management;
• Ensure compliant with all legal requirements regarding taxation, returns, fees and other financial statutory requirements;
• Ensures availability, continuity and security of financial data and information pertaining to the organization;.
• Prepare monthly expenditure analysis' report per program area submits quarterly on time;
• Assists in other duties as needed and directed by the Supervisor.

• Must have a Bachelor Degree in Finance or Accounting from reputable college or university [Master's degree in Finance, Accounting or Business Administration]
• Must have at least five years of demonstrated relevant Finance and Accounting experience with technical and management proficiency;
• Must be computer literate [Microsoft package, Accounting and Payroll Management software[particularly QuickBooks] and willing to expand knowledge base;
• Ability to roll with, flow and demonstrate the greatest level of flexibility in the environment with frequently changing priorities;
• Demonstrate experience with design and implementation of enhanced financial systems and procedures which allow and organization to operate effectively;
• Ability to read, analyze and interpret general technical financial procedures and government regulations, ability to write reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals.
• Fluent in English and Kiswahili
• Demonstrate experience with audit, legal compliance and budget development;
• Proven experience of managing others, empowering staff and cultivating accuracy, efficiency and professionalism;
• Experience in effective communicating key data, including presenting to senior Management arid outside partners;

Application Instructions
RMO Rukwa is seeking qualified candidate to fill the positions above. Cover letters and resumes should be sent to:
Regional Medical Officer
P.O. Box 413
Email: recruitment.rmorukwa@gmail.com
To be considered, applicants must put the TITLE OF THE JOB in the SUBJECT LINE. Deadline for submission of the application is December 7th 2015. Those who do not meet the minimum requirements as detailed should not submit applications
RMO Rukwa is an equal opportunity employer; women are highly encouraged to apply.
Source: Daily News 3rd December, 2015

Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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