Attention: What Capabilities World Vision Tanzania access when interviewing candidates?

What Capabilities World Vision Tanzania access when interviewing candidates? By Orestes Sotta Recruitment Specialist
Most often most candidates when invited for interviews they are puzzled on HOW and on WHAT they should prepare on! What candidate’s capabilities are going to be assessed on the interview room?
For us at World Vision Tanzania interview process is not a “war” rather an experience worth pursuing!
If we call you for interviews what capabilities do we access? What should you prepare for? Follow me bellow!
1: Rational Capabilities:
• Influencing individuals and groups
• Achieving quality results and services
• Practicing gender and cultural diversity
• Building collaborative relationships
2: Achieving Capabilities:
• Practicing accountability and integrity
• Communicating information effectively
3: Thinking Capabilities:
• Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly
• Understanding the Humanitarian Industry
• Understand World Vision’s mission and operations
• Practicing innovation and change
4: Self Managing Capabilities:
• Maintaining work/life balance
• Learning for growth and development
Our recruitment process is open and transparent, confidently apply for any vacant without fear, all we look for is “Talent” and “Passion” to join our team and change lives across Tanzania.
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I wish you all the best on your next interview with World Vision Tanzania!
About the Writer
Orestes Sotta is a Senior Recruitment Specialist with expertise across multiple verticals. Specializing in Full-Life cycle Recruitment, Talent Management, Strategic Sourcing, Employer Branding and Search Channels. Supporting a portfolio of clients across East Africa to attract and retain talents.E-mail



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